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Evan “Bullet” James, is one of the most successful and respected drug interventionists in the world. He has handled thousands of cases both, domestic and abroad, and brings over 27+ years of experience in the field of intervention, rehabilitation placement and sober companion services.

Universal Crisis Intervention has been featured in a number of independently produced & major network oriented documentaries – ultimately recognized for professionalism, intervention techniques and vast field experience.


Universal Crisis Intervention

27+ Years Of Experience

We understand how powerless it feels to see a loved one lost to drug addictions or destructive relationships. UCI provides tactical assistance to help them get free.

We knows that struggling with an addiction can be a tumultuous experience and are here to assure you that recovery is possible and freedom CAN BE YOURS.

A sober companion is a trusted person who guides, inspires and walks the client through recovery. Because no recovery road taken is better alone, our professionally trained sober coaches provide compassionate help during an otherwise narrow process.

Our dedicated team is prepared to assist clients in any type of setting. Our sober companion program offers a cohesive plan that promotes success with every step taken. We work together with our clients, their families, and appropriate professionals (doctors, lawyers, previous treatment facilities, etc.) to ensure a successful ongoing treatment plan.

Before treatment, a professional will sit with you to elaborate on a personalized program that meets your needs and condition. As soon as we get started, we bring in our vast resources to be a conduit to a healthy & prosperous outcome.

We can help

We at Universal Crisis Intervention (U.C.I.) Extreme Intervention will meet the urgent needs of any family, loved one, co-worker, or friend through therapeutic intervention, treatment consultation and rehabilitation referral. UCI provides our expert services to an incredibly wide spectrum of locations.  We have hubs in CA, AZ, NM, CO, TX & NY.

Global Experience

You have to be ready at a moment’s notice when it comes to interventions. That’s why my team and I offer a rapid-response to every corner of the United States and Europe.


Meet The Team

Evan "Bullet" James

Founder, CEO

Lauren Nicole

Certified Intervention Specialist

Anthony Miranda

NYPD Sergeant

Claudius DeFrancesco

NYPD Retiree, Private Investigator

Michael O'Connor

Extreme Interventionist & Fugitive Recovery Specialist

Tony Pallotto

Air Force Veteran, Extreme Interventionist

Why Choose Us

We have perfected our technique and are ready to be at your door at a moment’s notice.


We understand how powerless it feels to see a loved one lost drug addictions or destructive relationships. Universal Crisis Intervention knows that struggling with an addiction can be a tumultuous struggle. We are here to assure you that recovery is possible and that freedom CAN BE YOURS.


Despite what it looks like, recovery is possible. Our clinical methods help those suffering from addiction and trauma on the road to recovery.


According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, up to 90% of recovering addicts will have at least one relapse during their first four years of sobriety.

It is our commitment to helping you stay on track and beat this statistic to the ground. 

UCI has a 100% success rate in over 27 years of field experience.

Your Recovery Team

We are particularly experienced with handling cases in the New York area where we have uniquely trained extreme intervention team members

Intervention expert Evan “Bullet” James on the A&E TV series “The Extractors”
A&E Network’s The Extractors is a bold daring new series that follows a team of extreme crisis drug interventionists as they search, locate, intervene & transport troubled & addicted teens and young adults to rehab.
Renew Everyday interviews Evan “Bullet” James, the Extractor. Click here to read interview.
The Extractors are on TV! by Brandi Dawson

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits that come with a sober companion will ultimately depend on the willingness of the client. With the ultimate goal of having you go back to a prosperous life of sobriety, some of such benefits are:

  • Active companionship and open ears to concerns.
  • Standing as a pillar in times of need.
  • Social accountability for staying sober or clean.
  • Physical support, meaning removal any drug, alcohol, or abuse substances from reach.
  • Motivation to attend therapy sessions.
  • Full-time availability.

A sober companion goes home with you to provide emotional and psychological support during this challenging and important time.  

A sober companion will stay by your side, keeping you from relapsing by taking you to meetings, being a friend, and lending a compassionate hand.

Every single time the client is willing to follow the laid-out plan. 

We are dedicated to your satisfaction and will provide nothing less than our best effort to make sure that you kick the doors to permanent sobriety. No person should walk through this process all by themselves. 

Our professional sober companions have the passion, the experience, and empathy needed to lead you through the best path.

Here’s a list of our services:

Drug Addiction Intervention

Evan “Bullet” James, is one of the most successful and respected drug interventionists in the world.

Teen Transport

U.C.I team leaders work with families to transition them through all the details of the transport. 

Teen & Young Adult Wake Up Call

Intervention and transport is typically part of the service provided. Guardians can also transport teen to holding facility.

Teen Runaway location

Having your son or daughter go missing is a nightmare than no parent wants to face. Fortunately UCI has the experience and knowledge to help with this crisis.

Teen Intervention

He has handled thousands of cases both here and abroad and brings to the table close to twenty years of experience in the field of drug intervention and rehabilitation placement.

Alcohol Addiction Intervention

U.C.I team leaders work with families to transition them through all the details of the transport. The parent has access to help 24 hours a day…

Legal Advocacy Services

Sober Companion Services

Executive Services

Executive Protection Services

Domestic Abuse Extraction

Sex Trafficking Intervention

Missing Person Location

Behavioural Problems Intervention

Prescription Drug Addiction Intervention

Youth Gang Intervention

Internet Addiction Intervention

Gambling Addiction Intervention

Self Injury Intervention

Eating Disorders Intervention

Codependency Intervention

Sex Addiction Intervention

Rehabilitation Counseling & Services

Call 1-888-975-SAVE (7283)

Don’t let the pain of addiction and trauma rob your life.
Recovery is possible for you and your loved ones.