The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that the national relapse rate for drug addiction is between 40 to 60 percent. People relapse for many different reasons. Stress and traumatic events can often overwhelm a person in recovery to the point where they fall into old patterns of processing emotions. Old habits can also resurface during family events where a person in recovery is faced with the consequences of his/her addiction or the lingering resentment of family members. Relapse rates are also very high when an individual begins regularly interacting with those in addiction—constantly being exposed to elements of temptation.

Relapse is a serious issue often causing frustration, discouragement, isolation, and even physical endangerment to those struggling with addiction and their families. After relapse, people struggling with addiction often immediately blame themselves–launching their thoughts into a cycle of shame and acting-out negative behaviors. Bombarded by the negative emotions, the intensity of addiction after a relapse may be even more severe than normally experienced–which could lead to injury, adverse health effects, or death.

Sober companionship services are new means for heading off a relapse event.  Sober companions steadfastly encourage and challenge those going through the recovery process while providing much needed accountability to ensure proper treatment.  Sober companions serve as a source of stability and a well-spring of knowledge and expertise–often alerting individuals when they are most likely to fall back into negative behaviors.  Unlike friends and family, sober companions are addiction professionals, who are available 24/7, with close connections with therapists and treatment centers across the country.

(Universal Crisis Intervention’s sober companions are genuine and cost-effective—encouraging individuals through each step of the recovery process.)

We at Universal Crisis Intervention make it our upmost priority to make sure individuals are in the best position to remain consistent in their recovery process. We believe that recovery from any addiction requires faith, commitment, and support.  U.C.I.’s cost-effective sober companionship service compassionately works to keep clients on the right track. We are flexible and available for contact even during our clients’ darkest hour.

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