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Extreme’ Alcohol and Drug Intervention Specialist Founder, CEO

Evan “Bullet” James is a leading expert in the field of ‘extreme’ drug intervention services and the star of the A&E’s TV series, “The Extractors”. “The Extractors” follows Bullet and his team as they locate, intervene and extract young men and women whose uncontrollable addiction to drugs or out of control behavior has led them into situations they can no longer get themselves out of.

Evan “Bullet” James is the Founder, President, and Director of Universal Crisis Intervention in addition to being a nationally recognized motivational speaker in the area of drug intervention.

With twenty seven years of experience in the industry, Bullet is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after drug interventionists in the world. He is also the creator of the “Extreme Crisis Intervention” model.

Founded in 1996, Universal Crisis Intervention specializes in crisis intervention and transport services, missing person investigation and recovery and legal advocacy services. Bullet’s company has also managed some of the most complex, high-profile drug, alcohol, sexual addiction, gang, missing persons, and cult intervention cases in the world, helping over 1400 families both here in the United States and overseas. The team’s numerous success stories include helping clients from the celebrity, corporate and professional athletics arenas.

As one of America’s preeminent substance abuse counselors, Additionally Bullet runs the unique non profit organization (Project U Turn) with his wife Lauren Nicole www.uturnproject.org and under the Project U Turn’s umbrella, Bullet performs his critically acclaimed one man show “Redemption Song” for high schools, treatment centers and youth groups nationwide. “Redemption Song” chronicles Bullet’s turbulent, absurdly funny, almost tragic yet ultimately miraculous journey from almost dying a cocaine addicts death in a gas station bathroom in the fall of 1987 (Bullet’s clean date is 10-27-87). “Redemption Song” is the prequel as to how Bullet became “The Extractor”.

Bullet received his certification in drug and alcohol counseling from U.C.L.A.’s Chemical Dependency Program and is a certified Speared Raiter Systemic Family Interventionist, trained under the auspices of the prestigious Sierra Tucson Treatment Facility. Prior to founding Universal Crisis Intervention, Bullet was co-facilitator of the Betty Ford Center’s Family Outreach Program. Bullet is committed to help teens and young adults avoid the same tragic fate as his sister Valerie whom he lost due to her heroin addiction.

The Specialists

Tony Pallotto

Extreme Interventionist, Spirtual Family Counselor Placement Specialist

Tony Pallotto is an extreme interventionist whose family was riddled with alcoholism; he began using drugs and alcohol before he was 13. In spite of that, he’s one of those extraordinary men who’s led many different lives – including as an Air Force Member, Air Traffic Controller, Energy Contractor, and Advertising / Marketing Director for Newspapers. He left the corporate world in 1995 and working with his wife Maryann, formed UCI, a non-profit that seeks to help families facing addiction and other life threatening issues.

He’s faced and become motivated by the devastating loss of two brothers to heroin and his son by overdose. Tony founded UCI (www.taps14.org), a non-profit organization, which has become a leader in assisting families in crisis, helping to find appropriate treatment for their teen and young adult children. He’s proud to have helped more than 18,000 families, both in the US and throughout the world.

Lauren Nicole

Marketing Director, Certified Intervention Specialist

Lauren is a nationally certified intervention specialist and formerly was critical care emergency transport responder.

Lauren’s immense experience working in life and death situations, along with the challenges she faced as a troubled youth, make her a prominent U.C.I. Extreme Interventionist.

Anthony Miranda

Extreme Interventionist & Sex Trafficking Expert

Anthony graduated from John Jay College with a degree in Criminal Justice. Anthony then became a police officer with the NYPD and over the next two decades worked his way up the ranks to become a highly decorated sergeant. Anthony has since retired and become the chairperson for the National Latino Officers Association as well as an integral member of U.C.I’s Extreme Intervention and Sex Trafficking teams.


Marketing Outreach Director

Devin Schumacher is the Director of Marketing for Universal Crisis Intervention, helping to oversee that our mission of helping to save & improve lives is well represented across the media, and getting our services in front of the eyes & ears of the people who need it most.

The Specialists

Michael O’Connor

Extreme Interventionist & Fugitive Recovery Specialist
Michael is a fugitive recovery specialist and a veteran transport agent. Michael has twelve plus years of experience in the field and is also Evan’s childhood friend. Michael has been a trusted extreme interventionist on some of U.C.I’s most dangerous cases.

Brett Earl Scott

U.C.I. Sex Trafficking Team Member
Brett is a retired D.E.A. supervisor both in country and abroad. He proudly served as the United States Army as an airborne military police serviceman. Brett has long standing relationships with law enforcement and is a key member of U.C.I’s Human Sex Trafficking division.

Claudius “Geo” DeFrancesco

Extreme Interventionist & Private Investigator
Claudius graduated from John Jay College with a degree in criminal justice. Geo joined the NYPD in 1986 and retired in 2005. He is currently a licensed Private Investigator as well as valuable member of UCI’S extreme intervention team.

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